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Woodland Pond
Woodland Pond Woodland Pond with a building visible just beyond...
Bench By The Lake
Bench By The Lake Bench overlooking a lakes with trees surrounding.
Abandoned Log Flume
Abandoned Log Flume Abandoned log flume track sitting in a stagnant lake during the evening.
In A Flap
In A Flap A duck flapping its wings on the pond.
Clear Water
Clear Water A beautiful scene of mountains and lake in Gerainger, Norway.
Mountain And Lake
Mountain And Lake A beautiful scene in Gerainger, Norway
Silhouette Fisherman
Silhouette Fisherman Person fishing as the sun sets.
Rotting Pirate Boat
Rotting Pirate Boat Rotting pirate boat and swan boat in a lake at the abandoned Spreepark Theme Park in Berlin, Germany.
Glacial Lake, Geraingerfjord, Norway
Glacial Lake, Geraingerfjord, Norway An icy scene in Geraingerfjord, Norway, with a glacial lake and mountains in the background.
Sunrise In The Lake
Sunrise In The Lake A reflection of trees and a beautiful sunrise in a lake.
Grooming And Reflecting
Grooming And Reflecting A swan, and its reflection, grooming itself in the middle of the lake.
Tree And Cloud Reflected
Tree And Cloud Reflected A view of trees and clouds reflected in the lake.