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No More Scarecrows
No More Scarecrows Sign at the Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival, 'No More Scarecrows'.
Maypole Maypole at the Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival.
Ukrainian Ballot Box
Ukrainian Ballot Box Ukrainian ballot box at election time with voting forms visible. (Transparent ballot boxes are used so people can witness that the box is empty prior to the start of the election.)
Fabric Palm Tree
Fabric Palm Tree A temporary display of a fabric tree outside the Royal Festival Hall, London.
Danish Flag
Danish Flag The flag of Denmark flying in the wind.
Peruvian Roof Bulls
Peruvian Roof Bulls Traditional Peruvian roof decoration.
Santa Claus Models
Santa Claus Models Santa Claus models on a shelf in a gift shop.
Russian Dolls
Russian Dolls Russian Dolls on a market stall in Red Square.
Warming Hands
Warming Hands People warming hands around glowing charcoal in a round barbecue.
Charcoal BBQ
Charcoal BBQ Glowing charcoal in a round barbecue.
Big Top
Big Top Circus big top with vehicles next to it. Manchester Eastlands in the background.
Circus Trucks
Circus Trucks Circus trucks lined up outside a big top. Manchester Eastlands in the background.