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Motorway And Railway
Motorway And Railway View from a bridge looking down onto a motorway, with an iron railway bridge crossing.
Washing Cat
Washing Cat A black and white cat, sitting at the bottom of a flight of stone steps, washing.
Pillars Looking down a walkway with pillars on the right hand side.
Reflections Reflections in a puddle of an old building.
Town Square With Fire
Town Square With Fire Village square at magic hour, with a flame effect right of frame.
Cobbled Town Square
Cobbled Town Square Cafe bar on the corner of a cobbled village square.
giant lamp of Lilla Torg square
giant lamp of Lilla Torg square Giant Lamp Of Lilla Torg square in Malmo, Sweden. Tap and water trough left of frame.
Bicycles And Old Telephone Box
Bicycles And Old Telephone Box Bicycles leaned up against a historic telephone box (Lilla Torg Square, Sweden) in a cobbled town square.
Scratch And Stroll
Scratch And Stroll A lady walking down a path, having a quick scratch as she strolls!
Downtown Amsterdam
Downtown Amsterdam A shopfront in Amsterdam, with graffiti on the wall and a cyclist riding by
Below Stairs
Below Stairs A view below the outdoor stairs at a house.
Colours At Smithfield Market
Colours At Smithfield Market The colourful arches at Smithfield Market