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Westminster Underground Station
Westminster Underground Station View from the London Eye of Westminster Underground Station
Industrial Sunset
Industrial Sunset Warm glowing sunset over an industrial area.
Chernobyl Power Company Offices
Chernobyl Power Company Offices Offices of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plants operators, in the nearby town of Pripyat, Ukraine.
Chernobyl Power Station Offices
Chernobyl Power Station Offices Administrative offices in Pripyat, belonging to the power company running the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station in Ukraine.
Office Block
Office Block Modern (owl looking?) office block.
Giant Office Lamp
Giant Office Lamp Giant office lamp next to a black leather sofa.
Chase Bank
Chase Bank Chase Bank offices with an American flag behind.
Modern Tower
Modern Tower Modern Tower
Abstract Building
Abstract Building Left aligned shot of a historic building.
Office Block
Office Block Office Block
Skyscrapers Mixture of historic and modern tall buildings.
Office Blocks
Office Blocks Variety of old and new office blocks.