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Candle Lit Path
Candle Lit Path Candle lit path through the forest at night.
Empty Hangar
Empty Hangar Empty hangar, just off the runway at Nicosia International Airport. This was the home of the airport fire brigade and emergency services. The then modern airport was abandoned as it became embroiled between Turkish and Greek warring sides in July 1974.
Fire! Large fire warning light lit with red light in a dark room, with the silhouette of a person walking past.
Fire! Fire warning light lit with red light in a dark room.
Winter Sunset
Winter Sunset Christmas Eve Sunset over Surbiton.
Warming Hands
Warming Hands People warming hands around glowing charcoal in a round barbecue.
Charcoal BBQ
Charcoal BBQ Glowing charcoal in a round barbecue.
Sunset Fiery sunset of silhouetted grass.
Town Square With Fire
Town Square With Fire Village square at magic hour, with a flame effect right of frame.
Living Space
Living Space Living area with real fire and sofas.
Distiller Memorial
Distiller Memorial Memorial in Louisville, remembering Evan Williams, who built the first commercial distillery in Kentucky, USA.
Where Fire Meets Water
Where Fire Meets Water The coastline of a volcanic island showing the variation in geology. The path of a pyroclastic flow is interrupted as it reaches the sea.