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Bend And Stretch!
Bend And Stretch! A grey and white kitten stretching against the fence.
Heres Looking At You, Kid!
Heres Looking At You, Kid! A kitten peeking through the bottom of a fence at another kitten.
Entrance Gates
Entrance Gates Entrance gates in the forest clearing leading to the abandoned Spreepark Theme Park in Berlin, Germany.
Keep Out
Keep Out Metal railings and barbed wire protecting a derelict mill and factory site.
Port Hole
Port Hole Life saver ring makes a porthole in a bamboo wall.
Urban Canal
Urban Canal Looking over railings at a once industrial canal, now empty of traffic. Electricity pylons follow parallel.
Snow Covered Fence
Snow Covered Fence Snow Covered Fence
Honeysuckle Wild honeysuckle growing around a barbed wire fence.
Main Street In Chernobyl
Main Street In Chernobyl Main Street in Chernobyl, taken over by nature. Barbed wire foreground.
The View
The View A view from the walkway that circles the back of Shaftesbury town. Stunning views of the Dorset countryside.
View From The Walk
View From The Walk A countryside view.
The Pentagon Deliveries
The Pentagon Deliveries Sign directing deliveries to the Pentagon, Arlington Country, Virginia.