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Molli The Train
Molli The Train Molli, a narrow guage railway train in Warnemunde, Germany, showing a puff of steam as it rounds the corner.
Skylights Skylights above the main terminal building at Nicosia International Airport. The then modern airport was abandoned as it became embroiled between Turkish and Greek warring sides in July 1974.
Wedding Scarecrows
Wedding Scarecrows Bride, groom and bridesmaids outside the church at the Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival.
You Lookin At Me?
You Lookin At Me? A mallard duck standing in a very funny pose.
City Apartment
City Apartment Shot at magic hour from an exclusive city living apartment balcony overlooking the city below.
Corner Balcony
Corner Balcony Wide angle shot of a top floor apartment corner balcony, with patio window in shot.
Wine As The Sunsets
Wine As The Sunsets Rose wine bottle and glasses on a table on a balcony with the sun setting behind.
Cutting Wedding Cake
Cutting Wedding Cake Bride and groom making the first cut in their wedding cake.
Wedding Sign
Wedding Sign Sign showing the directions to a wedding reception.
Baby Hand
Baby Hand The tiny hand of a baby gently closed around its sleeve.
Roof Top View, Alesund, Norway
Roof Top View, Alesund, Norway A view over the rooftops of Alesund.
Architectural Disharmony, Chester
Architectural Disharmony, Chester The disharmony of old and new architecture side-by-side, in Chester