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Tree Tree standing on the edge of a hill in a leaf covered forest.
Lovers Drinks
Lovers Drinks Brandy sour cocktails being held up against a blue ocean background, with the straws twisted into heart shapes.
Reflections Reflections of a branch dangling over a pond.
Tree And Cloud Reflected
Tree And Cloud Reflected A view of trees and clouds reflected in the lake.
Commuters On The Branch Line
Commuters On The Branch Line Birds sitting on a snowy branch on a tree.
Branch Reflected
Branch Reflected A strong reflection of a prickly branch dangling over some very clear water.
Branch Reflected
Branch Reflected A leafy branch dangling over a lake above its reflection.
Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle A Golden Eagle at rest on a large tree branch.
Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle A golden eagle stretches its wings while at rest on a tree branch.
Garden Of Remembrance
Garden Of Remembrance Garden of remembrance commemorating villagers displaced from their homes in Pripyat.
Memorial Garden
Memorial Garden Signs in a memorial garden commemorating those families who were displaced when the town of Pripyat was evacuated after the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster.
China Market
China Market Vibrant colours at an Chinese food market.