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Name: Simon Lewis
Address: wincanton, United Kingdom
Date of Registration: 02/02/2014
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 Simon Lewis

I love my camera and feel at home when behind it taking shots. I dont mind what i photograph but i do enjpy long exposure shots and messing around with lights and its effect on a particular shot. I have a lifelong ambition to get a perfect shot of the milky way and if i sell enough pictures i might get to live that dream!! Please enjoy the pictures and i hope they bring you joy as much as they do me.
St Johns Priory
St Johns Priory An old convent that had been converted into a mental asylum. Very scary place and apparantly quite haunted too.
Stars In The Lake
Stars In The Lake Reflections in a lake with stars at night in the sky above.
Secret Steps
Secret Steps An old stone staircase through a small wood.
Cabot Circus, Bristol
Cabot Circus, Bristol Cabot Circus retail outlet in Bristol
Jack Russell
Jack Russell A Jack Russell dog.
Yurts At Night
Yurts At Night A night shot of a yurt glamping site in Wales.
Dog Tired
Dog Tired Lurcher dog after a tiring walk.
Sad Butcher
Sad Butcher A butcher wearing a cardboard box over his head with a sad face drawn on it.
Campfire The glow of light from a burning campfire.
Jack Russell
Jack Russell A Jack Russell dog.
The View
The View A view from the walkway that circles the back of Shaftesbury town. Stunning views of the Dorset countryside.
The Weir
The Weir A long exposure shot of river water running through a weir.