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Name: Andrea Roberts
Address: , United Kingdom
Date of Registration: 01/12/2014
Company: AiR Photographic
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 Andrea Roberts

I have a passion for the natural world, and I have spent over 25 years trying to capture its raw beauty through the lens of a camera.
I am also fascinated by the properties of light and try to use natural light in my photographs wherever possible.
Personal and commercial commissions welcomed.
Purple Crocus Tommasinianus
Purple Crocus Tommasinianus A close-up of a purple crocus tommasinianus flower.
Purple Crocus Flowers
Purple Crocus Flowers Purple crocus flowers in a border next to a gravel path.
Group of Crocus
Group of Crocus A group of purple striped Pickwick Crocus flowers.
Crocus Flowers
Crocus Flowers Purple striped Pickwick Crocus flowers.
Purple Striped Pickwick Crocus
Purple Striped Pickwick Crocus Crocus 'Pickwick' - white flowers with violet purple stripes.
Tug Boat
Tug Boat A small tug boat.
Steel Band
Steel Band A group of local men playing steel drums on a pier next to a cruise ship to entertain passing tourists.
Yellow Y
Yellow Y A close-up abstract view of an etched glass window with yellow coloured light projected in the background, showing the letter 'Y' with a graphic pattern.
Dreamy Waterfall
Dreamy Waterfall A long exposure image of a waterfall cascading down a rock cliff into a pool below.
Treatment Room
Treatment Room A treatment room in an underwater spa facility. The windows look out under the water revealing the beautiful coral reef and fish.
Sunset in Paradise
Sunset in Paradise A colourful sunset on a tropical beach.
The Altar
The Altar This natural stalagmite formation is found in Harrison's Cave in Barbados. It has been named 'The Altar' as it resembles a bridal couple kneeling before a priest. The location is a popular place for wedding ceremonies.