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Aerial Masts
Aerial Masts Aerial masts on a mountain top with the sun setting behind. Taken in Cyprus, this set of masts is allegedly the source of the 'Lincolnshire Poacher' MI6 secret numbers station.
TV Studio
TV Studio Lighting rig of a TV studio with a monitor showing the 'Most Haunted' logo.
Mixer Desk
Mixer Desk Broadcast control gallery with a vision mixing desk and a script left of frame.
Satellite Truck
Satellite Truck Satellite truck parked up in a remote location at night.
TV Camera
TV Camera TV Camera on a pedestal in studio.
Sky TV Truck
Sky TV Truck Tractor unit and trailer of a Sky TV outside broadcast truck.
Broadcast Camera
Broadcast Camera Broadcast television camera on a studio pedestal with auto cue.
Pile Of Cable
Pile Of Cable Pile of Triax (outside broadcast) cable neatly coiled in a figure of eight.
Outside Broadcast
Outside Broadcast Outside broadcast and satellite vehicles outside an old historic building.
Outside Broadcast Cables
Outside Broadcast Cables Piles of outside broadcast and lighting cables back-stage.
TV Gallery
TV Gallery Racks of monitors in the back of an outside broadcast truck or production gallery.
Audio Mixer
Audio Mixer Deep focus close up of a professional audio mixer.