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Maypole Maypole at the Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival.
Nova Scotia Lighthouse
Nova Scotia Lighthouse Lighthouse in Nova Scotia.
The Approach To Machu Picchu
The Approach To Machu Picchu Walking down to Macchi Picchu on the Inca Trail at sunrise.
Peruvian Roof Bulls
Peruvian Roof Bulls Traditional Peruvian roof decoration.
Traditional Lollipops
Traditional Lollipops Traditional sweet lollipops on a shelf in a gift shop.
Asian Shopping Street
Asian Shopping Street Asian shopping street with cafes and cars parked, and a traditional archway at the end.
Traditional Asian Archway
Traditional Asian Archway Traditional Asian archway at the end of a shopping street.
Asian Pagoda
Asian Pagoda Japanese or Chinese building with a traditional oriental Asian style.
Japanese Dragon Garden
Japanese Dragon Garden Japanese styled garden with dragon foreground right.
Asian Pagoda
Asian Pagoda Japanese building with traditional oriental style building.
Cuiwei National Park Entrance
Cuiwei National Park Entrance Entrance to the Cuiwei National Forest Park in China with traditional Chinese archway.
Cuiwei Peak
Cuiwei Peak The Cuiwei Peak rock in the Cuiwei National Forest Park, Ningdu, Jiangxi Province in China.