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Reflections Reflections in a puddle of an old building.
Anarchic Graffiti
Anarchic Graffiti Anarchic graffiti and vandalism at the abandoned Spreepark Theme Park in Berlin, Germany. (Urban explorer in the mirror reflection)
Abstract Reflective Office Block
Abstract Reflective Office Block Abstract shot of a reflective office block by London Bridge.
Cygnet Grooming Team
Cygnet Grooming Team Two cygnets standing side-by-side, grooming in an almost mirror image.
Tug Reflections
Tug Reflections A little tug boat sitting in the water on top of its reflection.
Upside Down Art Lover
Upside Down Art Lover An upside down picture taken in a mirror at the Tate.
Reflections The reflection in the side of a building of another building across the road.
Hotel On Lake
Hotel On Lake The Bohemian Hotel in Celebration, Florida, shot from across the lake with a colourful sunset behind.
Bedside Shot across a bed head in a red themed room with bedside lamps foreground and mirror and dresser in the background.
Airport Reflections
Airport Reflections Reflections in the floor outside a duty free shop in an international airport.
Factory Reflections
Factory Reflections Old derelict factory reflected in water.
Fishing Lake
Fishing Lake Fishing lake on a sunny day.