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Palm Tree Beach
Palm Tree Beach Palm Trees foreground on the edge of a grassy beach.
Overgrown Airport
Overgrown Airport Turnstiles leading to the public viewing area at Nicosia International Airport, covered in barbed wire. The then modern airport was abandoned as it became embroiled between Turkish and Greek warring sides in July 1974.
Cobbled Path
Cobbled Path A partially cobbled path using flat stones.
Duckling A duckling standing by the side of the pond.
Sunset Fiery sunset of silhouetted grass.
Moomin Tree
Moomin Tree A tree shaped like a Moomin in Clissold Park.
Half-sibling elephants at Whipsnade Zoo
Half-sibling elephants at Whipsnade Zoo Baby elephant being fed by adoring half sister
Dew On Feathers
Dew On Feathers Feathers on the lawn covered in early morning dew.
Autumn Leaf
Autumn Leaf A fallen red maple leaf lying on the grass.
Reflections Reflections in a pond.
Happy Dog
Happy Dog A large, happy mongrel dog running around in the park.
Where Is My Dinner?
Where Is My Dinner? A close up of an otter waiting for its dinner at an Otter Sanctuary.