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Lovers On Cliff
Lovers On Cliff 2 lovers kissing sat on a cliff edge.
Blooming A young lady, sitting on some stone steps, holding a large bunch of flowers.
Girl Sledging
Girl Sledging Female sledging down a hill on an inflatable ring.
School Trip
School Trip A group of children on a school trip to a local nature reserve in St. Lucia.
Crossing A China Road
Crossing A China Road Young girl crossing a road in China.
Local girl, Papua New Guinea
Local girl, Papua New Guinea Daughter of tribal Head, preparing food in a family hut, Gahom, Sepik River, Papua New Guinea
Lonely Girl
Lonely Girl Lone pretty girl walking through the chaos and filth of a Chinese street food market.
Asian Female
Asian Female Asian female looking out thoughtfully.
Chinese Child
Chinese Child Chinese girl leaning on a desk.
Lady Crossing Bridge
Lady Crossing Bridge Female walking across a bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.
Giddy Girl
Giddy Girl Very happy girl wearing ear defenders.
Girl Lighting Lantern
Girl Lighting Lantern Close up of a female lighting a Chinese Sky Lantern.