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Underground Canal
Underground Canal Worker in one of the many disused canal tunnels under the heart of Manchester City Centre, once used to deliver from barges to the warehouses above.
Glass Gondola View
Glass Gondola View A view from the glass gondola as it ascends the outside of the SkyView building in Stockholm.
A Long Way Down
A Long Way Down The view from the glass gondola down to the ground at the SkyView building in Stockholm.
Vice Jaws
Vice Jaws A close-up image of the jaws of a bench vice in an engineering workshop.
Measurement A close-up image of a steel rule and an engineering workshop conversion booklet on a workbench.
Jobbers Drills
Jobbers Drills A selection of Jobbers Drills in an engineering workshop.
Factory In Forest
Factory In Forest Old engineering works taken over by nature.
Derelict Factory
Derelict Factory VERY high resolution shot in a derelict factory showing the urban decay at a once proud industrial building.
Outside Broadcast Cables
Outside Broadcast Cables Piles of outside broadcast and lighting cables back-stage.
TV Gallery
TV Gallery Racks of monitors in the back of an outside broadcast truck or production gallery.