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Abandoned Cafe
Abandoned Cafe The main coffee shop and cafe in the departures area at Nicosia International Airport. The then modern airport was abandoned as it became embroiled between Turkish and Greek warring sides in July 1974.
Lovers Drinks
Lovers Drinks Brandy sour cocktails being held up against a blue ocean background, with the straws twisted into heart shapes.
Vending Machine
Vending Machine Coca Cola vending machine at a railway station, with a blurred train on the platform behind.
Old Vending Machines
Old Vending Machines Rusty old vending machines in a Ghost Town (Chernobyl, Ukraine).
Westons Cider Factory
Westons Cider Factory Wide shot of the front of the Weston's Cider Factory in Ledbury, Herefordshire.
Glühwein At Christmas Market
Glühwein At Christmas Market Sign at a Christmas market above a stall selling mulled wine (Glühwein).
The Morning After
The Morning After The morning after the night before… empty bottles by a swimming pool.
Oktoberfest Soft Toy
Oktoberfest Soft Toy Novelty soft toy at the Oktoberfest Beer Festival (Wiesn) in Munich, Germany
Oktoberfest Entrance By Night
Oktoberfest Entrance By Night Oktoberfest Beer Festival (Wiesn) in Munich, Germany