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Farm Machinery
Farm Machinery Abstract shot of old rusty farm machinery.
Toytown Tractor
Toytown Tractor A colourful tractor sitting in front of a tree.
St Lucian Farmer
St Lucian Farmer A farmer in St Lucia tends to his banana crops.
Polite Notice
Polite Notice A polite notice inside a church. Written in the Papiamentu language, one of the only surviving Creole languages of the Caribbean. The sign says: Sea Asina Bon di tene nos Kapel limpi y "No Sende Bela Sin Glas" Mosha Danki! - roughly translated says: As a sign of goodwill and to keep the chapel clean and beautiful, only light candles in glass jars, much thanks!
Apple Delivery
Apple Delivery Truck unloading thousands of apples to a cider factory.
Totem Poles
Totem Poles Two traditionally carved Totem Poles.
Fresh Pineapples
Fresh Pineapples Freshly cultivated pineapples.
Wheelbarrow Of Pineapples
Wheelbarrow Of Pineapples A wheelbarrow at a farm full of freshly cultivated pineapples.
People In Waterfall
People In Waterfall Locals washing in a waterfall with a slow exposure (in Sri Lanka).
Runner Bean
Runner Bean A runner bean shoot climbing up a bamboo frame.
Maize Fields
Maize Fields A close-up image of corn leaves
Lettuce Leaves
Lettuce Leaves A close-up image of some fresh green lettuce leaves