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Do Not Feed The Alligators
Do Not Feed The Alligators Sign at the edge of a lake "It is a Violation of florida Law to Feed or Harass Alligators" with a purple sunset behind.
Alligator Crossing Sign
Alligator Crossing Sign Sign warning of alligators crossing in the vicinity.
Danger No Swimming
Danger No Swimming Sign prohibiting swimming in the lake due to possible alligator attacks.
Wasp Attack
Wasp Attack Sign warning people to stay quiet and still in case of a wasp attack.
Warning Sign
Warning Sign Sign in Asia (Sri Lanka) amusingly warning that 'Going Down Is Dangerous'.
Seagull On Sign
Seagull On Sign Seagull on a caution sign warning about stingrays at a beach.
Flight Case
Flight Case Flight case and warning sign on location at a film set.